Case Study: Collective Health


Collective Health, an innovative and disruptive startup in the U.S. healthcare sector, needed an audio identity reflecting their brand essence, values and meaning.


Based on an assessment of Collective Health’s mission and its innovative brand character, iV2 developed an audio identity for the brand with a range of audio elements that would enhance the brand profile.

With the help of archetypal profiling, iV2 identified a range of brand characteristics that helped translate the brand profile into a unique audio identity, reflecting Collective Health’s innovative mission in the market. Based on the analysis, iV2 created a sonic signature as a core expression of the Collective Health audio brand. Drawing on the sonic elements found within the audio logo, iV2 provided the client with a unique set of UI sounds to serve Collective Health’s online chat feature. A brand voice was chosen and a uniquely personal telephony experience was created for the call center, taking callers’ emotional states into account. Finally, the package also included intro and outro bumpers for use on informational and corporate videos.


•Innovative profiling: Using a methodology developed by iV2, the archetypal brand profiling ensured a precise sonic representation of the company values.

•Making a mark: By shaping its unique audio brand, Collective Health gained traction on the market as newly emerging start-up with a confident, provocative and optimistic mission.

Audio Logo

UI Sounds

Bumper 1

Bumper 2