Case Study: Commerzbank


Commerzbank, a global banking and financial services company, wanted to modernize its already existing audio logo and refresh its brand theme.


iV2 created a dynamic, uplifting soundtrack for the new Commerzbank ad campaign, while also organically integrating a contemporary interpretation of the already existing Commerzbank audio logo.

iV2’s soundtrack for the campaign gave the TV campaign an energetic flow and carries the protagonist through the narration. The spot ends in the new interpretation of the already existing Commerzbank audio logo. Through the thoughtful and smooth transition from the soundtrack to the audio logo, the mnemonic is integrated into the spot organically without feeling like an out-of-place add-on.


•Modernization: Without hurting the already established memorability of the Commerzbank audio brand, iV2 provided a recognizable, yet contemporary interpretation of the logo.

•Integration: The newly created brand theme enhances the brand message and compliments the audio brand identity by integrating the audio logo organically.