Case Study: Ritter Sport


Ritter Sport, celebrating their 100th year as one of the premier, family owned chocolate brands in Europe, wanted to establish a unique audio presence for their brand.

The goal was to create a distinct, recognizable and flexible audio brand that could be used by Ritter Sport for years to come.

After careful analysis and an extensive audit process, iV created an audio mnemonic that was worked into multiple assets, allowing Ritter to reach multiple touchpoints.




Social Media

The theme was strategically composed, allowing it to be reinterpreted across different genres, increasing ROI.

Brand Theme

Brand Theme: Variation 1
Brand Theme: Variation 2
Brand Theme: Variation 3

Additionally, ringtones were created based on the brand mnemonic.

Ringtone 1
Ringtone 2
Ringtone 3

And finally, a product sound toolkit was created to help the unique product sound be consistently replicated in advertising across the globe.

Product Sound Toolkit

In the end...

  • The initial brand analysis by iV2 crystalized the essence of the Ritter Sport brand in a way that not only defined parameters for the creation of the Ritter Sport audio brand, but for their brand communication as a whole.
  • iV2’s brand centric approach maximized creative exploration and fostered objective decision making.
  • Testing results demonstrated the value and accuracy of the audio profiling technique iV employed, yielding objective data that informed further fine tuning of the audio assets.
  • The new Ritter Sport Brand Theme and embedded Mnemonic are being implemented with long term goals in sight, including the consistent, continual use of the audio brand across multiple touch points.
  • Following the strategy and structured process iV2 provided, Ritter Sport continues to build awareness and equity in their audio brand, producing a measurable ROI.
  • iV2 created an atmosphere of trust and teamwork that transcended the traditional model of “agency/vendor” relationships, making it possible for them to work directly with both Kolle Rebbe and Ritter Sport. This collaborative approach ensured a more integrated implementation of the audio brand across multiple marketing platforms, creating unique opportunities to utilize the Ritter Sport audio brand.